Sc bill 3521

If you notice any inconsistencies with these official sources, feel free to file an issue. View Latest Bill Text. William G. Jonathon D. Hill Republican lower 8 Primary.

Josiah Magnuson Republican lower 38 Primary. Mandy Powers Norrell Democratic lower 44 Primary. Joshua A. Putnam Republican None Primary. Todd Rutherford Democratic lower 74 Primary. Leonidas E. Long Primary. Smith Primary. Bennett Primary. Alexander Primary. Shannon S. Erickson Republican lower Primary. John Richard C. King Democratic lower 49 Primary. Nancy Mace Republican lower 99 Primary.

Cezar E. McKnight Democratic lower Primary.

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Bill Taylor Republican lower 86 Primary. Eric M.

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Bedingfield Republican None Primary. Beth E. Bernstein Democratic lower 78 Primary. Gilda Cobb-Hunter Democratic lower 66 Primary.Box Washington, D. On January 14,the South Carolina Legislature returned for the second year of its two-year legislative session. In the next two months, the House 3M subcommittee held two hearings on H. Unfortunately, both hearings were cancelled as the legislature began to furlough to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus. Medical cannabis efforts may need to shift to focus on passing in If you are a resident of South Carolina, make sure your lawmakers know of your continued support.

Please also let us know if you are a patient who could benefit from medical cannabis, or a supportive medical professional, clergy member, or current or former member of law enforcement. We plan to send a voter guide in advance of the June state primary so that voters know which candidates committed to standing up for patients who could benefit from medical cannabis. South Carolina medical professionals, patients, and veterans gathered in the Capitol rotunda on January 22, for a press conference to call on the legislature to adopt a compassionate medical cannabis program.

Margaret Richardson, pictured above in red, suffers from trigeminal neuralgia. Contact us: If you are interested in getting more involved and are a person with a serious illness, doctor, nurse, clergy member, Ph. BoxWashington, D. Marijuana Policy Project We change laws. Enter your zip code and learn more about your local legislators. Find Your Legislators. Donate Be a part of the movement. Donate today! Subscribe to blog updates Receive one daily blog update via email. Legalization is picking up steam on a global level and I feel like now is the time to spread information about the curing capabilities of this plant.

As with any medicine, increased accessibility comes with the need for education. National Alerts.The cannabis plant has hundreds of chemical compounds. CBD is non-psychoactive, and therefore will not produce a high, whereas THC is psychoactive and produces intoxicating effects.

Read on to find out how CBD is regulated in the state.

sc bill 3521

There is specific legislation in the state that allows the sale of CBD products, only if these products are derived from hemp plants. SC Code defines marijuana as every part of the marijuana plant and every product that is based on the marijuana plant.

This means that marijuana-derived oil, otherwise known as CBD cannabis oil is illegal in the state. However, CBD products that are recommended for epilepsy and seizure disorders are authorized under a separate SC law, which separates them from how marijuana is defined. To make the whole thing simple, CBD hemp oil is freely used in the state, but CBD cannabis oil is considered a product of marijuana and is therefore only permitted under very specific conditions.

SC lawmaker pushes for FDA research of medical marijuana

There are two: oil derived from marijuana and oil derived from hemp. While both types are available in the Palmetto State, only hemp products are free to be used by all. Anything derived from marijuana is restricted to people diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition. According to federal law, industrial hemp can be farmed, processed, sold, and cultivated for research purposes.

CBD products derived from hemp come in many forms, and the most popular in SC apart from oils and concentrates are ointments, wax, lotions, creams, tinctures, pills, edibles, and other liquids that can be vaped. This system helps regulate our sleep, pain receptors, and the immune system. Individuals approved to use CBD products will be studied in order to track the progress brought on by CBD in controlling seizures.

SC H3521 | 2017-2018 | 122nd General Assembly

Should the state establish a proper medical marijuana program, the proposed bill includes the following medical conditions treatable my medical cannabis and CBD:. For now, residents not diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy can only get CBD products in brick-and-mortar sellers found throughout the state and on the internet. SC prohibits its doctors to prescribe medical marijuana including all products derived from it.

By federal law, marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug and is therefore illegal to be prescribed. Pharmacies in the state are also prohibited to dispense CBD products even to those diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy. However, doctors and other health professionals licensed to practice in the state are allowed to recommend CBD as a form of alternative treatment. Since they cannot prescribe its use, they can only provide a recommendation letter to patients with a qualifying medical condition.

However, there are plenty of retail shops that sell CBD products in the state.During the initial days of the session, committees of the House of Representatives began their work on legislation to report out for consideration by the full House. Clemmons This bill provides that certain American Indian artists may use wild animal products that are not prohibited by federal law in arts and crafts that are offered for sale and sold to the general public.

Hiott The director of the Department of Natural Resources may issue special authorization for hunting and fishing to any person not more than twenty-one years of age who has been diagnosed with a terminal or life threatening illness or injury. Crawford Among many things, this bill outlines that it is unlawful for a person to import into, possess, keep, purchase, have custody or control of, breed, or sell within this state, by any means, a large wild cat, non-native bear, or great ape, including transactions conducted via the Internet.

Allison This joint resolution provides that the opening date for students to attend public schools during the school year may be as early as Thursday, August seventeenth, at the election of the school district board of trustees.

sc bill 3521

Anthony This bill provides retired educator teaching certificates for people who meet certain criteria and provides that initial retired educator certificates are valid for thirty years and may be renewed. Erickson This joint resolution provides for the waiver of five or fewer days for schools in counties for which federal major disaster declarations were made as a result of Hurricane Matthew. Rutherford This bill provides that only certain entities may use an automatic license plate reader system, provides the locations where the system may be installed, provides how information obtained through the system may be used and provides a penalty for a violation of this provision.

McCoy The South Carolina General Assembly would call for a federal constitutional convention, in compliance with US Constitution Article V, for the purpose of developing a balanced budget amendment under this proposed legislation. Rutherford Prohibits law enforcement officers from using excessive force when detaining or arresting a person. Provides felony penalties for these violations.

Also, establishes procedures for conducting Investigations when law enforcement used force that led to, or could have led to, severe injury or death. McCoy Covers any person or entity that publishes mug shots, arrest records, or booking reports of anyone, on their websites.

Establishes penalties for failure to remove the requested information. McCoy Adds local governments, or other political subdivisions, to current law covering state agencies and the prohibition against knowingly obtaining, or using, personal information obtained for commercial solicitations. McCoy Anyone who unlawfully injures a heath care professional, while that professional is performing their authorized duties, would be committing the offense of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

sc bill 3521

These health care professionals include, but are not limited to, emergency medical service providers, firefighters, emergency room physicians, emergency room nurses, or allied health care workers. Ridgeway Adds parents, or legal guardians, of minors under 18 years of age to the list of persons able to request, and revoke, do not resuscitate orders for emergency services.

SC Marijuana Qualification

Norrell Adds the misdemeanor criminal offense of unlawful disseminating sexually explicit materials. Probate judges would be required to waive filing fees for impoverished persons. Grants probate courts the discretion to waive other fees and costs. Allows joint jurisdiction between family courts and probate courts to establish, administer, or terminate special needs trusts for disabled individuals.

Authorizes proceeding notices to be given via qualifying commercial delivery services, which would be considered the same as notice by registered or certified mail. Also, state probate court operations would be made more uniform with amendments to the guardianship and conservatorship; minors and others under legal disability; and adult guardianship and protective proceedings sections of the Uniform Probate Code.

Disqualifies General Assembly members from voting for their own spouse. Norrell Details the factors to be considered when determining if a committee has the major purpose of supporting or opposing one or more candidates, or passage of one or more ballot measures.Updated on April 26, Medical content reviewed by Dr.

Joseph RosadoMD, M. A, Chief Medical Officer. The legislative session in South Carolina ended without a vote on the pending medical marijuana bills. South Carolina Billthe Compassionate Care Act, gained supporters in the legislature but did not come up for a vote. There is optimism that the beginning of the session could see progress on this legislation to legalize the medical use of marijuana.

Representative Todd Rutherford, a Democrat out of Columbia, tried to amend a bill dealing with controlled substances to add marijuana to the list of drugs that doctors could recommend. Todd Rutherford said his plan was to license farmers in the state to grow marijuana and then sell it to patients, like other prescription drugs, eliminating that cost to the state. However, even though the bill failed, there was a bill that was passed in known as Section Under South Carolina law, Section is a bill that was passed which allows the director to obtain and distribute marijuana.

The director shall obtain marijuana through whatever means he deems most appropriate consistent with federal law. The director shall cause such analyzed marijuana to be transferred to various locations throughout the State that provide adequate security as set forth in federal and state regulations for the purpose of distributing such marijuana to the certified patient in such manner as is consistent with federal law.

The patient shall not be required to pay for such marijuana but the director may charge for ancillary medical services provided by the department to compensate the department for the cost, if any, of securing such marijuana and providing it to the patient.

The D. If federal law classifies marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance, which would make distribution of it a federal offense and that would be highly illegal. Therefore, it is already legal but that is a mere technicality and does not provide any exemption from criminal prosecution whatsoever. The Compassionate Care Act, when passed, will provide treatment guidelines by specifying a list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be used. How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in South Carolina For patients looking to qualify for medical marijuana in the state of South Carolina, you first must be a resident of the state who can provide proof of residency via a valid South Carolina identification card.

Patients must also be readily able to obtain a copy of their medical records, indicating that in their past medical history they have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition that has been outlined by the state of South Carolina.

Inquire with us to learn how to request your medical records. Patients must obtain a form of written documentation from a medical practitioner who is licensed in the state of South Carolina, solidifying that patients are qualified and will find relief from cannabis.

Be sure to bring your medical records with you to your appointment. You must apply for and receive a medical marijuana card from the state of South Carolina. Doctors Near You Please allow us to access to your location to find local doctors. Dispensaries Near You Please allow us to access to your location to find local dispensaries. Are You A Doctor? As Seen On:.Providing tools allowing you to research pending legislation, stay informed with email alerts, content feeds, and share dynamic reports.

Monitor Legislation or view this same bill number from multiple sessions or take advantage of our national legislative search. View Top 50 Searches. View Top 50 National. SC H nd General Assembly. SC State Legislature page for H Date Chamber Action House Committee report: Majority favorable, minority unfavorable Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs House Member s request name added as sponsor: Alexander House Member s request name added as sponsor: Mace House Member s request name added as sponsor: Bennett House Member s request name added as sponsor: Cobb-Hunter House Member s request name added as sponsor: McKnight House Member s request name added as sponsor: Govan House Member s request name added as sponsor: Gilliard House Member s request name added as sponsor: Erickson House Member s request name added as sponsor: King, Henegan, Taylor House Referred to Committee on Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs House Introduced and read first time.

US Congress Select area of search. Bill Number: Find an exact bill number. Full Text Search: Search bill text and data.Despite the introduction of several medical and recreational marijuana bills by South Carolina lawmakers, the state has yet to pass any substantial legislation.

There is indication that the state could adopt more comprehensive medical marijuana legislation in the coming legislative session. Learn more about South Carolina marijuana laws below. Recreational marijuana remains illegal in South Carolina.

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As policies currently stand, marijuana possession — regardless of amount — is a misdemeanor. Over the past two years, multiple decriminalization bills have been introduced, but each has been rejected by lawmakers and has not become law. South Carolina has implemented a very restrictive limited low-tetrahydrocannabinol medical cannabis law.

Under the current law, only patients suffering from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, or other forms of severe intractable epilepsy, with a written certification from a licensed physician, are able to legally access the cannabis oil.

The oil must be comprised of less than 0. The Medical University of South Carolina provides the cannabis oil. While the limited low-THC cannabis oil law is a positive first step toward the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, it restricts cannabis from nearly all residents. A comprehensive medical marijuana bill called the Compassionate Care Act was debated by South Carolina lawmakers inbut failed to meet an April 10 deadline to pass to the House, pushing it to Individual states may enact their own laws governing hemp-derived CBD.

The cultivation of marijuana remains illegal in South Carolina. The growing of any amount, whether for personal or medicinal use, is a felony. Hemp can be cultivated in South Carolina by licensed growers. Henry McMaster.

Anyone who had previously applied for a grower permit is now eligible to grow hemp in South Carolina, provided they successfully pass a background check. Stay up to date on the latest state legislation, referendums, and public opinion polls. Our Marijuana Legalization Map allows you to browse the current status of medical and recreational marijuana laws in other U.

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sc bill 3521

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Bill Texts: SC H3521 | 2017-2018 | 122nd General Assembly

Cannabis Laws. September 1, By: Kim Nunley. Updated September Despite the introduction of several medical and recreational marijuana bills by South Carolina lawmakers, the state has yet to pass any substantial legislation.

In short, no.

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Medical Marijuana Law in South Carolina South Carolina has implemented a very restrictive limited low-tetrahydrocannabinol medical cannabis law. Legal Status of Other U. States Stay up to date on the latest state legislation, referendums, and public opinion polls. Table of Contents. Read More Cannabis News.